Minhota Chouriço


Chouriço is a smoked cured sausage made with marinated pork meat.
In a Portuguese home, chouriço sneaks into many of our meals. It replaces bacon next to our fried eggs. At lunch a few slices are dropped into our caldo verde  (the famous green soup). Makes it’s way into our cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese boiled dinner)  and when you have a few guests over, nothing is more impressive than pulling out your assador de barro (a clay cooking vessel) and  flame-grill with Aguardent (Type of Portuguese brandy).
Michota is a special recipe from north of Portugal with more lean meat  mrianed in red wine. Delicious, packed with flavour great as a starter or as a filling snack .

Allergen and dietary Information

Allergens: SULFHITES

Any customers with food intolerances or food allergies please be aware that while we aim for no cross contamination, all foods are prepared in the same environment where ingredients such as NUTS, PEANUTS, GLUTEN (Wheat), MILK, EGGS, SOYA and any other allergenic ingredients are present.

If you have a serious allergy to any of these allergens, or one that could cause a major reaction we warn you not to consume any of our products.

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